I am running to be Chair of the Utah Republican Party.

As a lifelong Republican, I am committed to seeing that our party is united, strong, and can win tough elections.

During the past decade I have served as:

  • Senator Mike Lee’s Deputy Chief of Staff and State Director
  • A member the Utah House of Representatives
  • Republican Party Delegate
  • A volunteer on numerous winning Republican campaigns

As Chair of our party, I will be committed to winning elections, including those seats that we lost in 2018. You—the delegate—play a critical role in selecting those candidates that support our platform, and it is the party’s responsibility to make sure that those candidates are elected!

Join us in Supporting Derek

“With a keen understanding of the vital role of the Party, Derek will help Utah Republicans focus on what is most important right now: recruiting good candidates and winning elections again.”

Representative Kim Coleman

Keep My Voice Legislator of the Year, 2019

“Derek is the right leader at the right time. He understands that the purpose of the party is building coalitions, helping candidates, and winning elections.”

State Auditor John Dougall

Keep My Voice Public Official of the Year, 2019